Charlize Perry

Close on its apparition, and blindingly violet by contrast, danced out the first light of the gathering storm, and the thunder burst like a rocket overhead. The horse took the bit between his teeth and bolted. A moderate incline runs towards the foot of Maybury Hill, and down this we clattered. Once the lightning had ... Read more

Herman Strauss

As they walked off together, Alice heard the King say in appealing low voice, to the company generally, 'You are all pardoned.' Come, that's about good thing! she said to herself, for she had felt quite unhappy at the number of executions the Queen had ordered. They very soon came upon a Gryphon, lying fast ... Read more

Mellissa Barlow

In 1778, the finest ship, the Amelia, fitted out for the express purpose, and at the solitude charging of the vigorous Enderbys, boldly rounded Cape Horn, and was the first among the nations to lower a whale-boat of any sort in the great South Sea. The voyage was a skilful and lucky one; and returning ... Read more