Guns Ban With Serial Numbers Removed Is Unconstitutional -U.S. Judge

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Brendan Pierson


A federal judge who is in West Virginia has ruled that a federal ban on possessing a gun with its serial number removed is unconstitutional.

Brendan Pierson

the first such ruling since the U.S. Supreme Court dramatically expanded gun rights in June.

historical tradition of firearm regulation

The decision

The decision came in favor of a criminal case charging a man, Randy Price with illegally handling a gun with the serial number removed that was found in his car.

Price's lawyer,
 Lex Coleman

That decision "thoughtful, measured and accurate." A person for the office of U.S. Attorney William Thompson -  Charleston, which is prosecuting the case, said that the office was "reviewing the ruling and assessing options."

The feder law

iThe question prohibits anyone from transporting the gun with a serial number removed across state lines, and from possessing such a gun, if it has ever been transported across state lines.

the federal Gun Control Act of 1968

This intended to prevent illegal gun sales and make it easier to solve crimes rates by allowing individual guns to be traced.

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The government cannot restrict the right to possess firearms unless the restriction is consistent with historical tradition.