You continue to have the same issues as a result of your fear of us.

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1. You have earmuffs or blinders on.

In other words, you are not being open to new ideas, points of view, and facts that can really be in direct conflict with your views, but instead are only choosing to see or hear what you want to in a given situation.

2. You think your approach is the only one.

It’s all about your ego, really. How can anything change if there is a roadblock or a “do not enter” sign? Children pout and stand with their arms folded when they don’t get their way. When you complain and remain rigid, the issue won’t go away.

3. You’re not communicating well.

A kinked cable cannot effectively transfer a signal. The same is true of your capacity for communication. You won’t convey what you really mean to say if you don’t communicate simply, calmly, and without drama or harsh language. Just wait—that issue will come up again.

4. You lack compassion, sensitivity, and understanding.

Understanding, empathy, and compassion for others can help us overcome some of the world’s most difficult problems and challenges. Can you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and consider the issue from their point of view if the issue involves others?

5. You either avoid taking measured risks or you take too many risky decisions.

Understanding the repercussions and potential gain or loss of the risk before you take it is necessary for taking measured risks. You might be willing to take a risk if it appears like the gain will outweigh the damage. When you’re afraid to take any kind of risk—even a good one—problems keep happening. Being open to learning something new and a little vulnerable are both required while trying anything new. Or, on the other extreme, you may have chosen to take too many risky bets that have brought you back to the original problem’s location.

6. You’re trapped in a bubble in your backyard.

Sometimes changing your landscape can fix difficulties. Step outside your comfort zone to learn about and experience new places, people, and methods of doing things. Then, new approaches to your problem might be considered.

7. You’ve seen Groundhog Day far too often.

Bill Murray keeps getting up every morning and living the new day almost exactly as he did the day before, just like in the movie Groundhog Day. Every action is repeated.

Recognize and accept your mistakes, take the lesson to heart, and move on if you want to break the cycle of the “same problem.” Don’t act the victim. Don’t point the finger at your parents, partner, sister, brother, or close friend. Don’t hold the abuser or bully responsible. The majority of your life is determined by you and how you decide to react to circumstances, with a few exceptions of random happenings.

Your reality is something you help construct. You are largely responsible for the direction, events, and difficulties in your life. Most of your troubles are of your own making.

Everything comes down to you getting something out of the ongoing difficulties you encounter. If you need to learn how to manage your money better, it may be a money issue. You might need to improve your communication skills if the issue is a relationship. If troubling situations in your corporate employment keep happening, it might be time to leave and try something new.

Anyone, regardless of age, can always learn something new. Most successful people do not avoid trying new things out of fear of failing. They overcome whatever obstacle they may face, accept lessons from their errors, and continue on. A significant factor in achieving success in life (on many levels) is the capacity for resilience. The same issues do not recur, but be prepared for other issues along the way. Problems are simply life’s way of instructing you.

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