Why Apple wants the same apps to work on its Mac and iPhone models!

Apple Inc. created and sells a line of touchscreen-based smartphones under the name iPhone. Apple’s iOS mobile operating system software is used by every model of the iPhone. Since the first release of the iPhone on June 29, 2007, numerous different hardware variants and iOS releases have been made available.

The device’s multi-touch screen, which includes a virtual keyboard, serves as the foundation for the user interface. The iPhone is Wi-Fi capable and has cellular network connectivity. Making calls, taking pictures, listening to music, sending and receiving emails, surfing the web, sending and receiving text messages, writing down notes, doing math, and getting visual voicemail are all possible on an iPhone. With the iPhone 3GS, video recording also became a regular feature. Downloading mobile apps can offer additional features like social networking, video games, and reference materials. More than 2.2 million iPhone apps were available as of January 2017 on Apple’s App Store.

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