The development of the light bulb significantly altered our biological

An invention is a special or original process, composition, or gadget. The process of invention is one step in a larger technical and product development process. It could be a new procedure for producing an item or a result, an upgrade to an existing device or product, or both. A radical breakthrough might be an invention that accomplishes an entirely new function or effect. Such works are original and not obvious to those with similar expertise. A huge step toward success or failure could be taken by an invention.

Some creations are patentable. A patent formally protects the inventor’s intellectual property rights and certifies that a purported innovation actually exists. Countries have different laws and procedures for patenting inventions, and the process can be expensive. Cultural invention is another definition of invention, which is a novel set of beneficial social behaviours that people embrace and transmit to others.

Numerous similar concepts were compiled by the Institute for Social Inventions in books and journals. The creative process in art and design also includes invention. The limits of human knowledge, experience, or capability are frequently pushed by inventions.

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