3 Holiday outfits that will impress you

1. A suit is a pair of pants and a suit coat that can be worn by men or women. It is typically regarded as informal wear in Western dress codes when made of the same fabric and worn with a collared dress shirt, necktie, and dress shoes. The lounge suit was first worn as a more informal alternative to sporting and British country clothes in the 19th century in Britain. A sober one-colored suit became known as a lounge suit in the early 20th century after taking over the black frock coat as standard daywear. A business suit is a more sombre, modest leisure suit worn for formal situations.

Suits are available in a variety of styles and materials. Along with a variety of accessories, cuts and fabrics—two- or three-piece, single- or double-breasted—variate. A three-piece suit adds a waistcoat to the jacket and pants of a two-piece suit (known as a vest in North America). Up to the counterculture of the 1960s, hats were virtually always worn outdoors (and occasionally indoors) with all men’s clothing in Western culture. Traditional accessories for informal suits include a fedora, trilby, or flat cap. Handkerchief, suspenders or belt, watch, and jewellery are further accessories.

2. Wide-leg clothing is a myth. At first glance, they appear formal. They are a far more comfortable option for the wearer than, say, slim jeans. Not to mention that they have more room around the waist, which is a benefit when you’re celebrating festivals that revolve around food.

The high-waisted wide-leg trouser is both comfortable and ideal for a dinner party, according to Briseno. “You want to appear just as professional from the moment you arrived until post pumpkin pie,” she adds. “Try this with a romantic sleeve top and a pair of statement earrings in your favourite seasonal jewel tones,” the stylist said.

3. While sequins and pearls are options, celebrity stylist Sonia Young says she’s going toward all things faux leather this holiday season for a burst of texture.

The ultimate holiday wardrobe staple, according to Young, are the several fantastic leather pants available in imitation leather and patent leather that can be worn from day to night. Because they “can go to the office with an oversized sweater and loafer, and to a dinner date in a jacket and heels,” she is particularly drawn to a pair of Commando Patent Leather leggings.

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