The world has many great mysterious places on earth that have a lot of great history and culture surrounding what could be its legends and here on Cia5purchase facts we’ve looked at many of these great cultures and countries and have discovered what is great about them but today we go across the vast oceans and into the desert worlds of the African continent to visit a great country that is not only amazing for its history but has a culture that strives under the beating Sun of life and continues with a great positive energy welcome to the lovely beautiful and historic country of Egypt hey everybody how’s it going
Wawa and today I am really really excited you guys are reading it in the title we just kind of mentioned it we are talking about Egypt and man I’m excited for this because as always here on the channel we do some polls and you guys like a couple of weeks ago we’re like yo we want to see Egypt next but we’ve been doing some FIFA stuff just kind of you know because FIFA’s just near the end so now we’re focusing back on countries and man have we got a lot coming up for you but Egypt boom this is gonna be this video and I hope you guys are excited as I am because a lot of you guys were like let’s learn about Egypt which reminds me guys if you are all new to this Website and you love learning about different cultures and countries and people and places from all around the’ll want to hit that subscribe button because man it’s just so great when you can learn about new countries and then you can go tell your friends about these countries and you get to feel really really really smart it’s great trust me I do it all the time people like yo man
I did not know that like for example this video I got a fact that just blew me away it blew my mom away and it’s gonna blow you guys away it’s really cool we’ll get to it in this video so this great country known as Egypt let’s get into the basics it has a population of 97 million two hundred and ninety thousand three hundred people which makes it rank with that lucky number 13th in the world when it comes to¬†population now keep in mind this is just a 2018 estimate because back in 2017 their census stated that the country had 94 million people which is pretty crazy guys I guess that means they had three million people born in the country this year maybe maybe more people moved I don’t know but as for all these people they live in an area of approximately a land size of 1.0 and 1 million kilometers square making Egypt a pretty big country as a matter of fact it ranks 29th in the world when it comes to land size and with that land size and its population it ranks 100 at 18th when it comes to population density having 96 people per kilometre square now ok here on the channel normally we talk about really really positive things about the countries and for this video I mean I don’t really want to start off on a negative one but this is just a fact that kind of came out right away and the reason I got to talk about it is because when I talk about land size I usually talk about water percentage because as for Egypt it has a water percentage of¬† percent and that’s pretty crazy