Oman now, first of all, we always like to look at population because as of 2010 which it’s the last census was recorded it had approximately 2.7 million people but since 2016 first of all the growth rate really has changed since then and because of that the 2016 estimate has the population at approximately four million four hundred and twenty four thousand seven hundred and sixty-two people making this country ranked actually, 125th in the world when it comes to population by the country now some people around the world may have a hard time recognizing or identifying where Oman is on a map but truth be told it shouldn’t be that hard because it’s actually a really large country as a matter of fact it’s it’s at 70th in the world and when it comes to its land size that equates it to approximately three hundred nine thousand five hundred kilometers square and as for its water the percentage which we usually talk about with countries unfortunate it’s negligible because there’s not a lot of water within the country now with that if we were to combine the population with the land size it has a density of approximately 15 people per square kilometer and this makes its density ranked at 200 14th in the world
Now you may think that’s not a lot but it’s still a growing nation as a matter of fact its population is really shot up in the last couple of years so that’ll probably change in the future years as well now one thing that really shook me was the type of government that actually is within Oman and it’s actually listed as a parliament sort of government which I was like what its official title is a unitary parliament with absolute monarchy basically meaning that it does have a king but in the arab world they call that a sultan and courtesy of one of our fans Maha Singh Ranger the Sultan of Oman is Qaboos bin Saeed Al Sayed who is actually from what I heard is an unmarried ruler and as for this particular Sultan he’s got a rather interesting history this is because Qaboos bin Said al Sayyed actually overthrew his father say he’d been timer in a coop in 1970 and as of the recording of this video he’s been in power for over 48 years making him one of the longest rulers currently but of course you can’t beat queen elizabeth ii she’s got like a lot of years on him but however that also makes Qaboos bin Sayed al-sayed the longest current ruler in the Middle East now when you think of
Oman you may wonder yourself well how isthe land actually divided up does it have you know provinces does it have states like the United States what do they have that governs regions well believe it or not Oman actually does have provinces but they don’t work the same like they do in countries like say Canada we’re basically like in my country of Canada you have the country and then you have provinces and territories and then right after that you have counties cities towns and stuff like that and for Oman it’s divided into 11 govern orit’s and within all the combined govern orit’s there’s approximately 61 provinces also known as Willa yets and as for the largest governor in Oman